How to open APK files on PC

You can’t use this app to find XAPK files, but once you have it downloaded, you can install it. You should practice caution when downloading an APK or an XAPK file. It may even be a good idea to load the app using an Android emulator on your PC before installing it on your phone. If you are building an APK for your app, you need to install AAPT2 before building the bundle.

  • As an example, if you’re going to download and install unknown apps using Chrome, then select ‘Chrome’ and turn ON the toggle next to ‘Allow from this source’.
  • Click on “View files” followed by “Save changes”.
  • You can also access cloud platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, among others, and organize your files there.
  • For example, if you download the APK for YouTube, the APK contains YouTube’s resources like banners, logos, and other content.

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Why Use An APK To Install An App On Android?

Now, using a File manager app, open the folder where you downloaded or transferred the APK file on your device. You’ve learned 3 simple ways to install APK on your Android phone. As mentioned above, Android gives you the freedom to download apps outside of the Play Store, but that freedom can come at a cost.

To help developers overcome this limitation, Google Play will host up to two APK expansion files for any additional content needed for your application. It’s specifically designed as an emulated environment, but it’s also useful if you want to open an APK file. Usually, when you visit Google Play and download or update an app, the store automatically installs APK for you. This way, the Play Store also acts as a packet manager – a tool for easily installing, updating, and removing software from the device. It’s the file format that Android uses to distribute and install apps.

Install Android App Bundles on Your Device

By using any of the offered solutions and following all the steps, you will easily open and run APK files whenever you want. If you are an Android user, you may have sometimes encountered a file format -APK files- and asked yourself a lot of questions about it, especially about its usefulness and security. An APK file is typically seen when downloading and installing applications that are not on Google Play Store. There are many reasons why someone decides to download apps of this kind on a PC.

You have just learned the fundamentals of getting APKs onto your Android smartphone. It’s not hard to enable it and download the necessary programmes; the harder part is staying safe while doing so. Keep an eye out for any unusual activity on your device and only download programmes from reputable sources. To install an APK, just tap on it like any other file and follow the on-screen instructions. If you’re using Android 8 Oreo or later, check that you’ve authorized the cloud storage app to install third-party apps. With Google Play Protect in place, all apps available through Google Play should be completely secure.

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