What are the rules of roulette in online casinos?

Roulette is an online game mostly based on chance, highly prized by gamblers for the ease of play as well as the winnings that the player can pick up, the latter is also very popular and found systematically on the online gambling casinos.

But how to play it? many players want to get into this very fun game without knowing how it works see the rules of the game.

We offer the following article for more information on the rules of playing online roulette.

How to play roulette online

At first glance roulette is quite intimidating for players but however its operation is very simple. In order to understandthe rules of the game you must first of all know the composition of the game.

A classic roulette table consists of:

  • A drum
  • From a sleeve
  • From a ball rest
  • A numbering
  • From a ball rest
  • From boxes
  • From a bowl
  • From a track.

To play roulette you must also understand how it works, in fact u a game is played by placing a given bet on the boxes numbered of the roulette, once your bet has been validated by the croupier, the latter will engage the rotation of the roulette which carries the ball with it . This same ball will then determine the winning squares by placing itself randomly on a square at the end of the spinning of the roulette wheel.

Rules of online roulette games

To play roulette online it is imperative to know the outside and inside bets that you can place on the roulette table.

Outside bets : are placed on the numbering of the table ranging from 0 to 36 there are 5 types:

  • Full: A single bet that is placed on the same unique number.
  • Horse: A bet that is on 2 odds or adjacent numbers, the chip is placed between the 2 boxes through the grid that connects them.
  • Cross: A bet that involves 3 numbers located on the same row, the chip is placed on the line of the number furthest to the left and on its outer side.
  • Square : A bet that is made on 4 numbers which come together in a square and this level of their intersection.
  • Sixain : A bet that is made on 6 numbers located side by side.

Inside bets: are placed on the boxes located around the numbers ranging from 1 to 36 there are also 5:

  • The column : A bet that is made on one of the 3 vertical rows.
  • Dozen : A bet that is made on 12 consecutive and adjacent numbers.
  • Pass or Miss : A bet that is made on the highest numbers ranging from 19 to 36 see the lowest numbers ranging from 1 to 18.
  • Red or black : A bet that is focused on one color.
  • Odd or even : a bet on the numbers taken or odd.

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